Vita Drops Liquid Chlorophyll, Promotes Weight Loss, Detox

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Weight management support. studies show that chlorophyll supplementation may help support healthy weight loss by helping to reduce the intake of various foods.

helps promote satiation hunger reduction. additional research shows that chlorophyll intake may reduce the urge for palatable food, including unwanted fatty foods. vita drops liquid chlorophyll is a great addition to a healthy weight management program.

natural detox cleansing benefits. vitadrops liquid chlorophyll provides natural cleansing benefits.

promotes cellular health. chlorophyll is packed with an array of powerful antioxidants that help improve cell function. vita drops liquid chlorophyll are highly available when mixed with water for maximum benefit.

helps support immune system function. thanks to its alkalizing properties, vita drops liquid chlorophyll support optimal digestive function, which then helps modulate healthy immune system function.


50 mg of chlorophyll per serving (3,000 mg per bottle)

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Vita Drops Liquid Chlorophyll, Promotes Weight Loss, Detox