Virgin Himalayan Salt “Naturally Pink” 400g for weight loss and healthy diet

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Himalayan Pink Salt helps promote hydration, helps with weight loss ,helps maintain electrolyte balance, contributes to lowering blood pressure and improving circulation. In addition, Himalayan Pink Salt naturally contains over 80 essential minerals and trace elements used by the body for maintaining good health and well-being


How to use

Take 500ml normal water add 2 spoon of pink salt with lemon left to settle over night.drink the mixture on an empty stomach in the morning this will help detox, cleanse and boost your metabolism . There are many rich minerals.


If you are taking any diet plan you can add Himalayan pink salt in detox water every one ltr bottle and drink in a whole day .this will help in detoxification of your body



A quarter teaspoon of high quality Himalayan salt with your pre-workout meal (2 – 3 hours before training) and an extra pinch in your water bottle to consume while you train are recommended. When you train, your muscles must be full of glycogen to maximize your pump.


Pink Himalayan salt can be used in the same manner that regular table salt is used in cooking.It’s heavy in calcium, magnesium, and iron, and it keeps cancer cells from growing in our bodies

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Virgin Himalayan Salt “Naturally Pink” 400g for weight loss and healthy diet