SSA Supplements Whey Extreme (908g) chocolate 26 servings


Whey Extreme is an extremely potent blend of whey protein infused with creatine to give you that extra boost in muscle growth and strength development.


As a combined product, its benefits include:


Superior muscular development and hypertrophy

Enhanced and rapid muscle recovery

Increased energy and stamina in the gym

Strength increases by the week

An extreme boost in protein synthesis

This product is best taken after training when the benefits of creatine uptake are most pronounced. In addition, there is no need to take in extra carbohydrates.


Chocolate Mousse / Vanilla Cream


• Mix 2 level scoops (38 grams) in 200ml water or fat free milk


• Take 1 to 3 serving daily to meet your daily protein requirements.


• Best taken in the mornings and after exercise as protein is at its highest demand during these times.

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SSA Supplements Whey Extreme (908g) chocolate 26 servings