Sanity Digital Blood Pressure Machine

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Fast measurement already during filling the cuff
optimum adjustment of pressure, without unnecessary compression of your arm
full blood pressure control
stores the results and dates of 60 measurements
lightweight and handy
can be taken with you on trips or to the doctor
easy to operate
automatic measurement with a single press of a button
display readouts
in accordance with the guidelines of the world health organisation (who)
accurate & easy to use
this appliance is intended for the whole family for daily blood pressure measurements. it is also recommended for people with hypertension, diabetes, congenital or acquired heart defects and after myocardial infarction.
accuracy in compliance with world health organisation standards
blood pressure at a temperature of 5-40°c: ±0.4 kpa (3 mm hg); very accurate – heart rate value: ±5% (acceptable variations of 5%)

Brand :
Sanity Digital Blood Pressure Machine