Reed Diffuser Bamboo Stick Room Scent – Peach – 100ML

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Pisa – Bamboo Stick Room Scent – Peach – 100ML

It has an absorbent texture with its bamboo special structure. When these absorbent cells come into contact with air, it leaves the liquid it contains in the environment. The fragrance spread over the environment with the special formula of bamboo fragrance makes itself felt permanently for a long time.

Directions for Use:

Remove the bottle and rods of the product from the box. After turning the cap on the bottle, remove the plastic stopper. Plug the cap back into the bottle for decorative purposes.

Place the bamboo sticks in the bottle. After the rods absorb the liquid throughout the day, the odor begins to spread to the environment.

It is suitable for safe use in the home and office. It has a high essentiality rate.

You can increase the intensity of the odor by regularly reversing the bambo

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Reed Diffuser Bamboo Stick Room Scent – Peach – 100ML