Real Health Prostate Complete, 30 Softgels

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Prostate Complete is an advanced, multi-action prostate support formula in a convenient dose .* It uses a powerful extract of saw palmetto, a type of palm tree, which contains an organic compound called beta-sitosterol. Prostate Complete is a natural, bioactive source of beta-sitosterol. It may help support stronger urine flow, normal prostate function, improved bladder emptying and better quality sleep while reducing urinary frequency and urges to urinate.*
NATURAL PROSTATE SUPPORT: The Prostate Formula softgel contains a comprehensive formulation of herbs, vitamins, amino acids, & zinc designed to maintain normal prostate function, including free urinary flow. Take 1 a day
TARGETED NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Saw Palmetto extract, Lycopene, Resveratrol, & Selenium may help support prostate health. Our formula provides recommended levels of all these & more in one supplement.
Take 1 tab per day

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Real Health Prostate Complete, 30 Softgels