Oilatum 600 ml Junior Emollient Bath Additive

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Oilatum junior bath emollient additive 600ml is used for treatment of contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, senile pruritus, ichthyosis and related dry skin conditions

Light liquid paraffin.


Soothing bath treatment for eczema and dry skin conditions.


Rehydrates and protects.

Suitable for babies and children.


Oilatum Junior contains light liquid paraffin and has been specially developed to produce a soothing milky bath to treat eczema and dry skin in children and babies.


Oilatum Junior forms an emollient film on the skin surface to reduce moisture loss, to soothe, soften and rehydrate the skin. It also cleanses the skin so soaps are not needed.


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Oilatum 600 ml Junior Emollient Bath Additive