Musclemeds Carnivor Mass Muscle Weight/Mass Gainer 2.7 KG


Carnivor Mass provides the mass building benefits of beef “at the speed of whey,” without the lactose, allergies, fat, cholesterol and other problems associated with dairy products.

Beef has proven itself as a favourite anabolic protein source for many champion bodybuilders. MuscleMeds advanced hydrolyzed Beef Protein Isolate is capable of delivering rapid absorption of high concentrations of amino acids fast.

MuscleMeds BPI is 350% more concentrated in amino acids than steak and more concentrated than whey. And it’s enhanced with 5 grams of creatine and additional BCAAs for even greater anabolic power!



Add 500 ml water to a shaker bottle, blender or other container, add 4 scoops.

Mix or blend until the desired texture is achieved before drinking.

For a thicker, sweeter shake, add less water.

For a thinner shake, add more water.


Hydrolyzed Beef Protein Isolate

High Impact Reactive Carbs

Loaded with Creatine and BCAAs

Sugar Free

Lactose Free

Cholesterol Free

Musclemeds Carnivor Mass Muscle Weight/Mass Gainer 2.7 KG