Milton maximum strength 28 sterilising tablets

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Ideal to sterilise during baby’s first year
No heating, no rinsing, no hassle
Sterilise bottles, teats, soothers, spoons, weaning bowls, teething rings, breast-pump parts, milk storage containers, nipple shields and breast shells
How to Use:
Wash bottle, teats, breastfeeding equipment in warm soapy water, then rinse in cold water.
Prepare solution
Fill your unit with 5L water, add 1 Milton Tablet.
Add items
Close the lid and in just
15 minutes everything is ready to use. No need to rinse. Items can stay in
the solution until needed. Renew the solution every 24 hours.
Home hygiene: to disinfect surfaces, use 3 Milton tablets to 5 litres of clear cold water (dilution at 1.8% v/v). No need to rinse. Ideal for table tops, work surfaces, fridges, bins, chopping boards, stained cups & plastic containers, bathroom and toilets.

Brand :
Milton maximum strength 28 sterilising tablets