Mass Tech Extreme Muscle Weight/Mass Gainer 2000 – 3.2 Kg


Mass Tech Extreme 2000 – 3.2 kg – Muscletech – Gainers – MOREmuscle

Facts of Mass Tech Extreme 2000 from MuscleTech

Advanced formula to accelerate muscle growth

Contains proteins, carbohydrates, calories, creatine, amino acids and vitamins for better positive effects

Accelerate post-workout muscle regeneration and recovery

Partially inhibits the production of lactic acid, avoiding muscle fatigue

Improves protein synthesis in the body

Prevents muscle catabolism

MuscleTech develops the most advanced and effective dietary supplements in the world, for this reason, every athlete or fitness lover who wants to achieve their goals and enhance their performance must incorporate a serving of Mass Tech Extreme 2000, is the healthiest and most immediate way to increase your muscle volume.

Recommended Use: Dilute one dose (6 tablespoons) of the product to 500ml of water or skimmed milk, to be consumed before and after training.

Mass Tech Extreme Muscle Weight/Mass Gainer 2000 – 3.2 Kg