Lil-Lets Cardboard Super Applicator Tampons 12s

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Lil-Lets SmartFitTM Cardboard Super Applicator Tampons are perfect for long lasting protection from leaks.

These tampons are designed with SmartFitTM technology, which expands widthways and fits your natural shape closer for a more comfortable fit. Our super absorbency is ideal for a heavier flow, or on the heavier days of your period.

Product features:

Lil-Lets Cardboard Applicator SmartFitTM Tampons expand all the way round for great comfort, fit and protection.

Super absorbency for medium to heavy flow (9-12g), offering long lasting protection

Super smooth cardboard applicator, with anti-slip grips and a rounded tip for easy insertion.

Free from fragrance and chlorine bleach

Made with 100% plant-based absorbent core

Brand :
Lil-Lets Cardboard Super Applicator Tampons 12s