Forever Multi Maca 60 Tablets – Forever Living


Forever Maca Benefits:

✓ Strengthens penile muscles.

✓ Rebuilds penile muscles and prostate damaged by the masturbation effects

✓ Increase Energy, Stamina ( hard and strong penis that lasts longer through making the penis prostate glands normal and healthy)

✓ Forever maca prevents premature ejaculation.

✓ Boost immune system.

✓ Powerful Aphrodisiac for Men

✓ Multi-maca is a natural male libido enhancer.

✓ Reduces Fatigue and stress.

Take 2 tablets daily.

Don’t exceed the recommended daily.

Multi maca should be taken daily for best results.

Take for at least 4 weeks.

Forever Multi Maca – Product Description

Dietary supplement

Known as the sex herb of the Incas

Helps promote libido, stamina, and energy

Contents: 60 Tablets

Brand: Forever living

Manufacturer: Aloe Vera of America, Inc

Forever multi maca tablets contain maca root extracts (Lepidium Meyenii), an annual plant cultivated in the Peruvian central highlands.

Forever Multi Maca 60 Tablets – Forever Living