Ensure Flavoured Diabetes Powder, 400gm Vanilla flavour

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It is sugar (sucrose) free, has high quality protein and balanced ratio of protein:carbs:fat along with micronutrients to support overall health. in diet is partial meal replacement either in breakfast, lunch or dinner, it can help to keep blood glucose and weight under control. It contains nutrients which help provide steady carbs build muscle mass heart health digestive health.


Key Benefits


Complete, balanced nutrition specially designed for adults with diabetes.


It is sugar-free

scientifically formulated nutrition with slow release energy system (unique low glycemic (slow release) carbohydrate blend) which helps manage blood glucose levels and provide steady energy


It is by nature gluten-free and lactose free.


Supports Heart Health


Directions for Use


To prepare one serving of 237ml, take 200 ml of water, gradually add 6 scoops of Ensure Diabetes Care powder while stirring the water and mix until dissolved.

One serving of Ensure Diabetes Care provides 226 Kcal

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Ensure Flavoured Diabetes Powder, 400gm Vanilla flavour