Dr Johnson’s Highly Concentrated Sterilising Fluid 1 Litre

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A sterilizing solution suitable for the treatment of babycare utensils and for cleaning and disinfecting around the home. Dilute before use and soak clean baby bottles and teats to disinfect them.  

Key Features

  • Trusted Hygiene for babies bottles and equipment
  • Keeps sterilising for 24 hours
  • Dilute before use
  • 1.3% Active Chlorine released from Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Passes BS EN 1276 – Tested at 80% dilution

How to use

Make fresh solution every day. Use 50 ml (approx. 2 capfuls) to every 4 pints (2.3 litres) of cold water. Mix in a clean plastic or glass container. Ensure no air bubbles are trapped inside and all utensils are completely covered. Thoroughly cleaned articles maybe used after 30 minutes, but if possible leave submerged until next feed. Wash hands thoroughly, remove items from solution, drain bottles and teats, rinse with recently boiled water. Fill bottles immediately and use teat covers.

Dr Johnson’s Highly Concentrated Sterilising Fluid 1 Litre