Danalac Gold Infant Formula 1 (0-6month) 400g

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Danlac Gold Infant Formula

High Source of Prebiotics and Nucleotides for NewbornsDANALAC’s  introduce our Gold Formula, the ultimate baby formula that contains Prebiotics and Nucleotides.  Additionally, we have added Probiotics which are key player in preventing intestinal infections and reduce risk of allergic reactions.  Also added are DHA/ARA to contribute to the healthy development of baby’s brain and vision.  Furthermore, we have added Bifidobacteria to balance the intestinal flora and help develop healthy immune systems.

For Strong, Healthy, and Smily BabiesSecond only to mother’s own milkDANALAC is our proud answer for all hungry babies.

DANALAC’s three stage formulas fulfill just the right amount of nutrients and vitamins for proper development of the baby.


The DANALAC Three Stage FormulaStage One: for newborns to six-month old babiesStage Two: for six to twelve-months-old babiesStage Three: for twelve to Thirty-six-months-old babiesThree Stage Formula

Key Features

  • Danalac
  • Baby Formula
  • 400gms
  • High quality
  • 3 stage formula 

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Danalac Gold Infant Formula 1 (0-6month) 400g

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