Clabane Pure Transparent Bar

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When you have a sensitive, dry, itchy skin, you need to use a soap that is free of chemicals that cause allergies, will not dry out your skin, and yet give a fresh, protected skin. The Clabane pure sensitive transparent bar meets all those needs.
Pure and simple; just what your sensitive skin needs
Developed by Doctors
Hand made bar for all your family needs
No dyes, no colors, no perfumes
Full of gentle, simple ingredients
It is a product of years of research by our doctors.
Its purity is shown by its transparent nature. As clear as water.
Gentle and kind to your skin.
It will not strip your skin of its natural protective layer.
It helps clear skin infections too.
This is the best soap for bathing of patients with eczema and other allergic skin conditions. Can be used for all ages for face and whole body.

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Clabane Pure Transparent Bar