Bonnisan Syrup 120ml


Bonnisan syrup combats common GI disorders in infants and children, such as infantile colic, poor appetite, etc. It relieves smooth muscle spasms associated with colic, helps protects the GI mucosa, and expels gas from the GI tract. It also improves appetite.
Himalaya Bonnisan Drops is a special formulation made for babies to keep them healthy by improving their overall digestive functioning. It is helpful in enhancing the overall health of infants and children. It is made with herbal ingredients like Dill Oil, Cardamom, and Long Pepper that have a contributory role in digestive functioning and helps improve various stomach issues. So let your kids enjoy their childhood happily and healthily with the Bonnisan drops.
Key Ingredients: Dill Oil, Pippali, Ela.

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Bonnisan Syrup 120ml