Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel 100ml


bio-oil dry skin gel is a revolutionary oil-based formula from the makers of the world’s best-selling scar and stretch mark oil, bio-oil skincare oil. Our breakthrough new dry skin gel replenishes the skin’s barrier and deeply moisturises.
* bio-oil dry skin gel has been clinically proven to improve dry skin
* the specialist dry skin formulation is absorbed easily, helping to relieve the signs and symptoms of dry skin
* bio-oil dry skin gel improves on the existing dry skin technology by replacing the in-active water with oil. Being comprised of only 3 percent water, this helps the skin to retain moisture
* apply a small amount to dry skin and massage in a circular motion until fully absorbed – use less than you would applying a cream
* bio-oil dry skin gel can be used all over the body and is suitable for sensitive skin
* hydrates & moisturises (i)
* improves dry skin (ii)
* easily applied and absorbed (iii

provides a calming and soothing bene

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Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel 100ml