BF Suma Ginseng Coffee 4 in 1

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Coffee for Double Vitality
Ginseng Extract coffee latte
100% Natural Premium Quality
Anti-fatigue & improves body-resilience
Regulates endocrine and metabolic systems
Quantity: 20 sachets
Manufacturer: BF Suma
BF Suma Ginseng Coffee is made of superior ginseng extract and the best coffee beans, which have a good taste and refreshing effect. The innovative match of ginseng and coffee will help you to refresh, strengthen and nourish your body.
BF Suma Ginseng coffee benefits
Boost Immunity
When taken regularly, ginseng can regulate the endocrine and metabolic system for immunity.
Improve Physical Health
Ginseng has traditionally been used for fighting fatigue, immune support, providing energy in strenuous exercise programs, supporting and stimulating efficient adrenal function.
How to prepare 4 in 1 ginseng coffee
Dissolve contents of a sachet into 180ml hot water (about 2/3 cup).
Stir and serve hot or serve with ice for cold drinks

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BF Suma Ginseng Coffee 4 in 1