Avalon Stretch Mark Cream


Stretch marks are unnormal skin tissue growth. Because of rapid change in weight the skin surface loses its elasticity, and changes the color and texture of the skin.
Cocoa butter, olive oil, Vaseline and the rest of the moisturizers in the formula are responsible of nurturing the skin and give it the healthy appearance.

Castor oil alongside other emollients they remove the dry, dead and damaged skin tissue from the surface allowing the skin cells to be regenerated normally.
Collagen and elastin are to major component of the skin, and they are promoting the elasticity of the skin. And they are well known for their antiaging properties.

The cream is recommended to be started from the second trimester to enhance the elasticity during pregnancy and after delivery to prevent development of stretch marks.
To remove and prevent the appearance of stretch marks related to pregnancy, weight loss and aging.
Direction of use:
Apply twice a day on dry skin after shower

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Avalon Stretch Mark Cream